Collection Box STANDARD with 2 compartments and 10 movable dividers for individual configuration 220 x 280 x 29 mm

Product Description

  • Collection Box with light grey drawer and a clear frame.
  • Red insert with two compartments 105 x 280 mm each and 6 movable dividers; max. filling height 29 mm.
  • Size: height 40 mm, width 236 mm, depth 303 mm.
  • The insert is covered with a high quality red velour flock.
  • Suitable for various collectibles.

Additional Informationen

LINDNER collection box with 2 compartments and 6 movable dividers for individual configuration. LINDNER collection boxes, coin boxes and d-boxes can be mixed and easily stacked on top of each other. Only the height of each box is different. Suitable for collectibles with a max. height of 29 mm the collection boxes offer plenty of room for your special treasures or medals, minerals, decorations, medals, watches, jewellery, tin soldiers, pill boxes, valuable buttons and lighters, silver and gold items, precious vacation souvenirs and much, much more. The collection boxes come in different lay-outs including movable dividers to customize the individual compartments. MADE IN GERMANY. Most LINDNER collection boxes are available in 2 different designs: STANDARD, with a light grey drawer, a clear frame and a light red insert or SMOKED GLASS, with a drawer in smoked glass optic, a clear frame and a dark red insert.

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