Coin box STANDARD for 35 pieces German 10€ Collectors coin with polymer ring in LINDNER Coin capsules, incl. 10 Coin capsules

Product Description

  • Coin box with grey drawer and crystal clear frame.
  • Insert in light red velour with 35 ound compartments.
  • Size: height 20 mm, width 236 mm, depth 303 mm.
  • The insert is covered with a high quality light red velour flock.
  • Incl. one pack of 10 coin capsules for the 100€ collector coins (Item No. 2250029P).

Additional Information

LINDNER coin boxes can be easily stacked on top of each other and can also be mixed with collection boxes and d-boxes as only the height of each box varies. MADE IN GERMANY.

Most LINDNER collection boxes are available in 2 different designs:
STANDARD, with a light grey drawer, a clear frame and a light red insert or
SMOKED GLASS, with a drawer in smoked glass optic, a clear frame and a dark red insert.

Furthermore some of the most popular coin boxes are also available in two additional designs:
MARINE, with a light grey drawer, a clear frame and a dark blue insert and
CARBO, with a light grey drawer, a clear frame and a black insert.

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