Australia - Illustrated album pages Year 2010-2012, incl. ring binder set (Order-No. 1124)

Product Description

  • Illustrated album pages Australia - Number of Pages: 53 incl. Title Page, Year: 2010-2012
  • ring binder REGULAR (Order-No. 1104) - colour of your choice
  • slip case for ring binder REGULAR (Order-No. 814) - colour of your choice

  • Additional Information

    Take advantage of this complete offer! When purchasing a LINDNER-T illustrated set of pages, which contains more than 25 pages, we can offer you the possibility to buy the ring binder set at a special price.
    The popular ring binder set REGULAR is available in the colours wine-red, blue, green, tan and black.

    Details for the ring binder set REGULAR (Order-No. 1124):
    The deep, grainy leatherette material gives this ring binder an attractive appearance.
    The padded binder comes equipped with: 18-ring mechanism, fly leaves, page lifters, and an index window on the spine for identification purposes.
    Slipcase for ring binder Regular 1104, welded, in matching color and special feature: cut out to easily remove the ring binder.
    Format ring binder: 305 x 317 x 50 mm

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