LINDNER luxus- Coin album with 10 coin pages, wine red.


The coin pages can be ordered in packs of 5.In addition many different page varieties for post cards, bamk notes, letters and stamps etc. are available.

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Padded Ringbinder made of padded synthetic foil with 4.Ring mechanism.The leatherette surface gives the Ring binder an individual touch.The spacious spine window alowes space for identification of the contens.Available with 10 crystal clear coin pages made of transparent soft free strips in 5 divisions for over 300 coins with different diameters. The high quality coin pages guarantee an overrview and safe storage of the collection.The characteristic caliper system guarantees a special functionality . Whole series can be removed,substituted and replaced. The coin pages are seperated by black card-interleaves.content: 2 coin pages for 15 coins each with up to 42 mm diameter (article nr.MU 15) 2 coin page for 24 coins each with a diameter of up to 34 mm diameter (article nr.MU24)2 coin pages for 35 coin with up to 27 mm diameter (article nr.MU35) 2 coin pages for 54 coins each with a diameter of up to 20 mm diameter. (article nr. MU54) 2 coin pages for 5 complete Euro coin sets (article nr. Mu40) 2 Cover pages and 9 black-card interleaves.
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